HIPEC surgery in India

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery or HIPEC surgery treats certain abdominal cancer. It is a two step-surgical procedure by which cancerous tumors are removed first and then chemotherapy drugs are applied. The second procedure eliminates the remaining cancerous cells.

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What Is HIPEC Surgery?

HIPEC surgery offers an effective treatment for abdominal cancer. In this surgery, high doses of chemotherapy are applied to treat cancer that has spread to the lining of the abdominal cavity. Traditional chemotherapy becomes less effective when cancer spreads beyond the organ from which it originated. Here comes the need for HIPEC surgery.

Cancers That HIPEC Surgery Treats

HIPEC surgery treats the most common cancers which are adrenal cancer, appendix cancer, colon and rectal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer, and peritoneal cancer.

How Is HIPEC Performed?

HIPEC surgery is performed under two stages: cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC procedure.

Cytoreductive Surgery

It is the first stage of HIPEC surgery. You will be under anesthesia. Then the doctor will cut the tumors. A heated liquid having chemotherapy drugs is applied to your abdomen to target any remaining cancer. We suggest you the best HIPEC Surgeon in India.

HIPEC Procedure

After removing the tumors from the abdomen, your surgeon will insert a catheter having chemotherapy drugs. These drugs are pushed into the abdominal cavity. The catheters stay connected to a perfusion machine. This machine heats chemotherapy drugs which flow throughout your abdomen for two-three hours. After that, your surgeon will rinse the abdomen with a salt solution. We make your HIPC surgery in India easy and we help you to find the best surgeon.

Recovery After HIPEC

After surgery, you need to spend two days in ICU. You will be under special care from doctors and other healthcare professionals. Doctors will check you for fluid loss. Your electrolytes and blood glucose levels will be checked also by doctors.

You will be injected insulin if your blood sugar level becomes high. Insulin is necessary because high blood sugar can slow down wound healing, and can cause infection and other problems. You will get antibiotics and pain medicines while healing the surgical wounds.

Advantages Of HIPEC Surgery

  • Only one treatment session instead of several treatment sessions
  • High dose of chemotherapy that can destroy cancer cells
  • Less toxic side effects because 90% of chemotherapy drugs remain in the abdomen.

After returning home, you need to follow your doctor for 2 weeks. You will be recovered within four to twelve weeks based on the extent of your surgery.

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