Throat Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Throat cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow rapidly and divide uncontrollably in the throat. Throat cancer means cancer develops in the larynx or vocal cords or tonsils. The National Cancer Institute refers to cancer as pharyngeal cancer or laryngeal cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, pharyngeal cancer covers about 2.8% of all cancer cases while laryngeal cancer covers about 0.7% of all cancer cases.

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Potential Symptoms Of Throat Cancer

  • Voice change
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Ear pain, wheezing, hoarseness, sore throat
  • Continuous cough with blood
  • Continuous need to clear your throat

Throat Cancer Treatment Cost In India

India, Israel, Turkey, Germany & Spain offer high-quality laryngeal cancer treatment. These countries have advanced technology and maintain international standards of treatment. Let’s have a look at the treatment costs of these countries. The cost of laryngeal cancer surgery in Germany is Euro 15,000, in Spain is Euro 9,000, and in Israel is $10,900. India offers affordable packages of throat cancer treatment compared to other countries. In India, the cost is approx. $1,215( Rs. 100000).

Causes Of Throat Cancer

American Cancer Society reported that high alcohol consumption and smoking lead to the development of oropharyngeal cancer. People who don’t drink and smoke may develop laryngeal cancer. Moreover, a diet without fruits and vegetables may cause throat cancer. People, who are exposed to asbestos, are more likely to develop laryngeal cancer. The factors that may increase the risk of throat cancer include high body weight, chewing betel quid and gutka, and having certain types of HPV. Throat cancer develop generally after age 50.

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How To Prevent Throat Cancer

The top 10 best cancer hospitals in India suggest that to prevent throat cancer, you must take the following steps:

  • Avoid smoking and high alcohol consumption
  • Have a nutrient-rich diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid sugars, added fats, and junk food.
  • Do regular exercise
  • Get the HPV vaccine to reduce HPV infection

As NCI reported smoking and drinking both are responsible for throat cancer, and avoiding these two will help you to prevent head and neck cancers.

Stages Of Throat Cancer

Stage 0: The tumor is only at the affected part of the throat

Stage 1: The tumor is limited to the affected part

Stage 3: The tumor has spread to the nearby area

Stage 4: The tumor has spread to one lymph node

Stage 5: The tumor has spread to distant organs

The treatment of throat cancer will depend on the tumor size, and if cancer cells spread to other parts of the body.


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