When abnormal cells grow in your ovaries- small organs in the female reproductive system, ovarian cancer occurs. These cells multiply fast and harm healthy body tissue.

There are two ovaries on both sides of the uterus. The ovaries form eggs and secrete two hormones- estrogen and progesterone. Both ovaries look like an almond.

It is quite difficult to detect ovarian cancer because the symptoms of ovarian cancer develop at a later stage in most cases. Doctors treat ovarian cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and other cancer treatments. CareAssist Wellness Pvt. Ltd., a medical tourism company in India, offers free consultations to medical tourists. We suggest the renowned cancer hospitals in India to medical tourists.

What Are The Causes Of Ovarian Cancer?

Women specially aged women develop ovarian cancer. Most cases of ovarian cancer are found in the UK in those aged 65 and above.

The exact cause of ovarian cancer is not yet detected. But anybody with ovaries can be a victim of ovarian cancer. Women, trans-men, intersex people with ovaries, and non-binary people can get ovarian cancer.

A higher chance of getting ovarian cancer is seen when you;

  • Inherited BRCA genes, a faulty gene, or those related to Lynch syndrome.
  • Patients having bowel  and breast cancer
  • If you underwent radiotherapy treatment for a previous cancer
  • Patients with diabetes or endometriosis
  • Have undergone hormone replacement theory
  • Overweight
  • Smoking habit

How To Avoid Ovarian Cancer?

Below are the steps how to lower the chances of getting ovarian cancer:

  1. You must quit smoking
  2. Avoid being overweight by doing exercise. Maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Consult with a doctor who provides the best cancer treatment in India
  4. If your family gets ovarian cancer generation after generation, you must consult with CareAssist Wellness, the best medical tourism company in India.
  5. Always be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and if you get any symptoms, get checked by a doctor.

Let’s have a look at the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer?

  • If you have a swollen tummy
  • If you feel bloated
  • If you feel pain in your tummy or the area in between the pelvis
  • Loss of appetite or feeling full just after a little bit of eating
  • If you feel pee more often

Other symptoms of ovarian cancer are indigestion, diarrhea, back pain, constipation, feeling fatigued all the time, losing weight, and bleeding from the vagina after periods.

If you get any symptoms of ovarian cancer, you must visit our center. We as the best medical facilitator in India will suggest to you the best cancer hospitals in India.

Consult CareAssist For The Best Cancer Treatment In India

If you visit a doctor, you will be asked about your symptoms. If any member of your family runs ovarian cancer, you have the chance of getting it. You may be asked for an examination. It involves:

To see inside a vagina, put a tube-shaped tool into your vagina, and to check for lumps, press inside your vagina

The examination process is not painful but if you feel uncomfortable, talk immediately to your doctor.

CareAssist Wellness, the best medical tourism company in India, will assist you to find the best cancer doctors and cancer hospitals in India.

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